40 adventures for my 40th year

Number 21: Flower Drop

This is a very late post but I am finally getting around to writing it- better late than never. Daffodils are such a happy, sunny flower. I love seeing them every year. They give me hope that spring might finally... Continue Reading →

Number 20: See a West End Show

I have loved seeing shows for as long as I can remember. I still have most of the programmes to everything I've ever seen, from the most entertaining of all amateur productions to the most professional and polished of all... Continue Reading →

Number 19: Learn to crochet

What now seems a ridiculously long time ago, I went to a charity craft morning that my lovely friend Lorraine was hosting. We all contributed a donation and spent the morning learning a new craft or working on a current... Continue Reading →

Number 18: Photography Course

I am so ridiculously behind on these blog posts. There are many that need to be written but I have an incredible knack of finding other things to do. I think I may need to make this blog one of... Continue Reading →

Number 17: Make a Christmas wreath

I have a lovely friend called Tanya, who is very creative and seems to be able to turn her hand to just about anything she puts her mind to. Before Christmas she got in touch with me, and a few... Continue Reading →

Number 16: Take the kids camping

I grew-up in a family that liked to camp. We spent many a summer in various campsites around France, lots of weekend on Scout and Guide camps and even a few holidays in a camper van exploring Canada and America.... Continue Reading →

Number 15: Watch a total eclipse

The main point of our big American road trip was to make sure we were in the right place to watch the┬ásolar eclipse on the 21st August 2017. I would love to claim some of the credit for all the... Continue Reading →

Number 14: American Road Trip

I have a lot of love for America. I've lived there twice and been on several holidays to explore it's amazing landscapes and enjoy a variety of dining experiences. One of the best things about America is the potential to... Continue Reading →

Number 13: Visit Shakespeare’s Globe

I love a bit of Shakespeare and, like most people, I studied it at school. Unlike most people, I used to put on voices when we were made to read it aloud in class. I once had a supply teacher... Continue Reading →

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