This is the year I turn 40. Please try to maintain your composure- I know how shocked you must feel. For some of you this is a startling reminder that you have also either recently reached this milestone, or are about to. For some of you this will make you frighteningly aware of how much older you are than me (this is not an invitation to make comments about my time in nappies). And, for some of you this is the shocking realisation that I am not as young as you are- I also find this hard to believe.

However, there is no denying it, soon I will be entering my 40s. Rather than lament this fact, I have decided to celebrate it. I’ve done some pretty amazing things over the last 40 years and most of them I’m pretty proud of. I’m very glad that there isn’t too much photographic or video evidence of the stuff I’m not so proud of (this is not an invitation to try and provide any evidence). In order to improve this ratio further, I have decided to take on 40 new challenges/experiences this year. Some of these will be self-indulgent, some will be about conquering fears and some will be about trying to help others.

I thought I would write this blog for those of you that might fancy doing something similar, or for those of you that just wanted to laugh at me when things go wrong. I may also be involving some of you, either by asking you to think of a challenge for me or by asking you to join in. Anyway, it’s now February and I’ve barely started so it’s best I crack on and investigate some tattoo parlours.

By the way, yes that is me in the picture. I am the small child. The lady that looks exactly like me is my mother. I come from a strong gene pool.