The news is so full of hate and despair (and lies) at the moment, that it sometimes feels like it’s just not worth trying. When someone so hateful and prejudiced as Donald Trump can be voted into such a high office of power, it screams that the world must be filled with anger and disillusionment. Much as I abhore reading about all the awful things happening everywhere, it is also heartening to read about the good. Thankfully the  world is still full of people who are willing to try and make it a better place. These people are inspiring and I  would love to be more like them.  I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who remind me of the power of kindness on a daily basis. One small act can make a huge difference. I know this from personal experience and I fully intend to pay it forward.

 I also want to make sure my children grow up knowing the importance of kindness, and that they appreciate how lucky they are. Therefore, not only am I going to try and complete 40 acts of random kindness as a challenge, I am going to make my children help me too (much evil, but kind, maniacal laughter). 

I will keep you updated as we go.