I love a bit of Shakespeare and, like most people, I studied it at school. Unlike most people, I used to put on voices when we were made to read it aloud in class. I once had a supply teacher threaten to send me to the Head until the rest of the class pointed out that I always read the part of the Fool in that ridiculous voice.

One of my favourite school memories was getting to play Hermia in a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was part of my G.C.S.E practical examination and the group I got to perform with were some of my absolute favourite people (my brother included).During our final performance I ended up with the worst carpet burn of my life and bled all over Lysander. I think it may have gained me extra marks.


In addition to seeing various Shakespeare adaptations with school, I used to love going with my Mum to watch the RSC in Stratford. I love the fact that so many everyday phrases we use come from Shakespeare; I love the comedy of his plays; I love the poetry; and I love the fact that he actually wrote feisty female characters (some of them could still do with a bit of work, but I’ll allow him a small amount of leeway due to the era).

Let’s not forget that my wonderful husband even threw me a Shakespearean themed murder mystery for my birthday.

Amazingly, even with all my Shakespeare love, up until recently, I had never made it to The Globe. Luckily, my amazing brother-in-law and his fiancé had the fabulous idea to buy me tickets for my birthday. I was more than a bit excited. I may even have shouted a few ‘forsooths’ and ‘verilys’ in my excitement. To make matters even better, we would be seeing Twelfth Night- I love the comedies.

I can’t even begin to describe how I felt when I first saw the building. It is beautiful:

As we would be standing in the Yard I was a little bit concerned about the weather but it was perfect- warm and cloudy. The set was fabulous and there wasn’t one weak link in the cast. However, the actress playing Malvolio was my absolute favourite. She was able to have me laughing out loud in one moment and verging on tears in the next.

It also helped that I got to drink a glass of Pimms while I enjoyed the play. It was an incredible experience to stand in a building exactly like the one Shakespeare’s plays would originally have been performed in. We became completely immersed  in the action as the cast both moved amongst the audience and involved them in the story. In fact, I think being in the Yard made it all the more fun.
I loved every second of the experience and hope to go again very soon. The tickets are so reasonable and the performance was superb. I really can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Rich and Amy for such an amazing gift.