I have a lovely friend called Tanya, who is very creative and seems to be able to turn her hand to just about anything she puts her mind to. Before Christmas she got in touch with me, and a few other friends, to ask if we would like to learn how to make a Christmas wreath. She had attended a class some time ago and thought she’d like to try teaching the skill to others. I was more than happy to join in.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with a lovely group of ladies. There was much hilarity, and even more mess. We started with a giant bag of straw so the mess part was inevitable really.

Our first task was to tie some willow branches into a ring and then begin packing the ring with straw whilst wrapping it with more string.


Then we were sent out into the garden to choose our greenery. Thankfully the greenery was pre-cut and beautifully displayed on a trampoline.

Our next task was to thread our greenery into the straw and string so that no straw was visible. Suddenly the wreaths all began to look enormous.

Finally we added all the extras: colourful branches, berries, ribbons, pine cones etc. We were all very proud of ourselves and our lovely wreaths. Each one was beautiful and unique, just like the people that made them ;).


Mine was hung outside my house and lasted for the whole of the Christmas break. I left it up as long as I could. Afterwards, I removed the ribbon and was then able to add it to the composting bin. I highly recommend you give it a go.



PS: Tanya is so amazing she even runs her own business making fashionable medical, ID and personal jewellery. https://butlerandgrace.co