I am so ridiculously behind on these blog posts. There are many that need to be written but I have an incredible knack of finding other things to do. I think I may need to make this blog one of my challenges just to make me complete it.

One of my birthday presents was a voucher for a photography course. I love taking pictures but my technical knowledge is a little on the limited side. My first camera was a Get Along Gang one which you had to attach a flash stick to. From there I had a disc camera and then my Dad gave me his old Pentax SLR. After that, I was hooked. I even (briefly) played with my own darkroom equipment.

However, eventually my brother introduced me to the world of digital photography and I’ve never looked back. I have thousands of digital images. The majority of them are of my children and dogs. I keep promising myself that I will sort through them and print off some favourites, but I never do. Maybe that also needs to become a challenge…

Anyway, back to the course:

I noticed that one of the dates for the course was our anniversary so I booked Rob a ticket too so we could spend a romantic day finding out about ISO settings.

It was a lot of fun and I learnt about several new settings on my camera and how best to photograph moving people in dim light. We also learnt about ways to set up urban landscapes and how to take good portrait pictures. The guy that ran the class was a lot of fun and shared with us some of his own fantastic shots.

Mostly the course was great. I really enjoyed being outside and trying things out. The second part, during which we shared our own favourite pictures, wasn’t quite as useful.

These are my best shots from the day:

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I think they give a good indication of the enjoyable randomness of the day.

On top of all that we even managed to squeeze in a lovely lunch for just the two of us.