What now seems a ridiculously long time ago, I went to a charity craft morning that my lovely friend Lorraine was hosting. We all contributed a donation and spent the morning learning a new craft or working on a current project. Lorraine is absolutely amazing at crochet and offered to teach me some of the basics.

This is what I made (It took a few hours):


I was hooked (ha ha). My Grandma tried to teach me a bit of knitting when I was younger, but it took forever to make a small scarf for my teddy and I quickly lost interest. I also had a brief go at weaving with a small wooden loom, but my younger brother kept trying to use it as a weapon. Lorraine assured me that crochet was easier and much faster if you used the right sort of stitches.

I decided I would like to make a blanket for my living room. We had a lot of fun choosing colours and working out what pattern to use. It seems that a giant granny square is the easiest and fastest to make but I really wanted to have something stripey.

Most Tuesday nights I have been sitting  in Lorraine’s house, drinking cups of tea, eating biscuits, discussing life and redoing stitches that I’ve done wrong.

To begin with the blanket looked like this:


Initially I found it quite frustrating, but gradually it became very therapeutic. Thankfully I had some loving supporters to spur me on:


I even took a brief break to make a second blanket for my Grandma. I made it whilst we were on our road trip in America during the summer. For that one I stuck to the easier granny square. She absolutely loves it.


But, back to the original blanket…It has taken months and months. It is full of small errors and it is quite wonky with all the different sized stitches it contains. However, it is mine and I have completed it. I did not give up and grow bored of it and I may even make another one.

Actually, I’ll have to make a few more as this one has certainly proved popular:


I need to say a huge thank you to the lovely Lorraine who patiently helped me throughout the process. I won’t put pictures of some of the things she makes here, as I don’t want to make myself look bad. However, here is a link to her Facebook page which you should definitely look at.