This is a very late post but I am finally getting around to writing it- better late than never.

Daffodils are such a happy, sunny flower. I love seeing them every year. They give me hope that spring might finally arrive and there may eventually be an end to the continuous rain and bitter winds. Sometimes it’s a false hope, but I’ll take it. A lovely friend of mine, Lindsay, regularly buys me little bunches of daffodils or tulips or whatever is in season just to cheer me up or say thank you (usually for things that required no thanks). Whatever the reason, it always makes me smile. These acts of kindness inspired me to do the same.

With the help of the children, we decided to buy a lot of daffodils, made our own labels and selected a number of our neighbours who we wanted to make smile. We then left bunches of flowers on their doorstep for them to find.

At the end we had a few bunches left so we decided to take them to the local care home. The faces of the ladies in the home as the children handed the flowers over made all of us so happy.

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