40 adventures for my 40th year


Four and a Dog

Number 12: Organise a community coffee morning

I really love community spirit. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when people come together to do things. I regularly get overwhelmed with how much help is needed in the world and feel utterly useless with how much help... Continue Reading →

Number 11: Climb Mont Sainte-Victoire

I have been visiting Provence every summer since 1999 (apart from 1 year when I had a bad case of pregnancy). I am always filled with a great sense of excitement as soon as I see Mont Sainte-Victoire appear on... Continue Reading →

Number 10: A Murder Mystery Night

I love a good Murder Mystery. Not a real one- they're too¬†messy and complicated. The fake ones are a lot more fun. For those of you who haven't done one before, you get a box based on a theme filled... Continue Reading →

Number 9: Indoor Skydiving

This was a surprise challenge. I was woken up on the Saturday before my birthday with a card from my two children and these pictures: The card announced that in the afternoon we would be going indoor skydiving at iFLY.... Continue Reading →

Number 8: Aerial Adventure

To celebrate my imminent birthday we arranged a big family holiday to Centre Parcs. The last time we went to one of these places my daughter was a baby. I thought it was quite nice but hugely overpriced for what... Continue Reading →

Number 7: Sing with a band

I have always wanted to sing with a band. Anytime I watch a band perform I just want to be up on that stage. It looks so much fun! Yet, I've never had the chance. I never got to be... Continue Reading →

Number 6: Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge

Spoiler alert: Do not read if you are going to this event over the next few weeks. Secret Cinema¬†is an immersive cinema experience. They take well known, or newly released movies, and recreate the worlds in which they were filmed.... Continue Reading →

Number 5: Postmodern Jukebox concert

I was introduced to Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox a couple of years ago when someone shared a video on Facebook and was immediately hooked. The band is made up of a huge number of incredibly talented musicians and dancers who... Continue Reading →

Number 4: Complete 40 acts of random kindness

The news is so full of hate and despair (and lies) at the moment, that it sometimes feels like it's just not worth trying. When someone so hateful and prejudiced as Donald Trump can be voted into such a high... Continue Reading →

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